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Air Tools+compressor

They're awesome, plus it means I can get an air compressor. This is good for tire pressure adjustments etc. What compressor do you recommend, that will run an air ratchet/impact gun without needing to stop and let the tank recharge frequently, and is portable enough I could horse it into the back of my truck for track day duty? The given picture is a compressor, but likely is overkill for my application. S
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Hot Air Tools Suppliers

Brand Names: Dynabrade BDI - Locations Distributor, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company Distributor of a complete selection of pneumatic tools, accessories. Replacement parts. Sales, service, repair. Chipping hammers, claydiggers, drills, grinders, hoists, impact wrenches, paving breakers, rivet busters, riveters, rockdrills, saws, scalers, specialty tools, tuggers, & vibrators. Brand Names: Chicago Pneumatic, Ingersoll-Rand Vibromatic Co., Inc. - Noblesville, IN (Serving Upstate New York) Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company Manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom special screwdrivers including miniature screwdrivers, screw holding screwdrivers & torque controlling screwdrivers.
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Pneumatic Air Tools Suppliers serving Upstate New York

Many hot air elements in stock and ready to ship the same day. Brand Names: Osram Sylvania Lou Zampini & Associates - Lincoln, RI Distributor, Service Company Distributor of hot air tools including industrial hot air tools. Industrial hot air tools are available in frosthoff type, 3000 W, 5000 W or 7500 W heating capacity models & operating voltage ratings from 120 V to 400 V. Industrial hot air tools are used for controlled heating process applications. Shrinkfast Marketing - Newport, NH Manufacturer Manufacturer of hot air tools including propane fired, handheld, portable, heat tool & hot air guns. Applicable for weather proofing of job sites, heating pavement, bending PVC pipe as well as unitized, storage, transportation for boats, industrial & agricultural machinery, aircraft, helicopters, cars, trailers & motorcycles. Up to 212,000 BTU/hr., 62kW at 30 PSI. No electrical connections as well as tamper resistant.
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HOME CLINIC; The Merits of Air-Powered Tools

In addition to electricity, there is another power source for tools, air. The air pressure is generated by a compressor, which in turn is powered by an electric or a gasoline motor. Even if you have a full complement of electrical tools, there are some compelling reasons to consider air-powered tools. They can accomplish some heavy-duty tasks that would be difficult or impossible with electric tools. A paint sprayer is a typical air-powered tool. It allows you to paint intricate pieces like shutters or gingerbread trim or make quick work of big jobs like painting fences. Compressed air sprayers are also ideal for applying clear finishes like varnish or lacquer.
With regard to the actual principal edition which include any additional pics and movie clips, have a look at http://www.nytimes.com/1997/09/14/nyregion/home-clinic-the-merits-of-air-powered-tools.html

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